Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spooky Cookie

Hey Loves! F & J here!

As promised, we have been busy working on Halloween crafts to share, and we just now have finally got the chance to post one. This one is super easy and always impresses people who do not know how to make them. We will show you how to create them, and tell you short cuts you could take, if you aren't the best baker.

We do not like spiders in anyway but these are just too adorable to not like.

Here's what you would need:
sugar cookies (pre-made, or homemade) You could find a recipe here.
white frosting
black icing in a tube with a small tip

How To:
First you need to make sugar cookies. Easy enough, but if you want an easier option you can buy a box package, pre-made dough, or even store bought sugar cookies. We chose to make our own, but clean up would have been much easier, and prep time would have been shorter, if we went with another option. No shame if you chose the easy way out, we've been guilty ourselves!
Then make sure the cookies are completely cool (a step you could skip if you bought store bought cookies). Frost them completely in smooth white layer.
Then using a tip squeeze on the black icing in a swirl, starting in the center going to the outer rim of your cookie.
Next comes the fun part, using a toothpick pull outwards from the center to create the web effect. Repeat until you make it around the cookie. Tada! You have made yourself a spider web cookie.
We know it seems so easy, and it is, we almost feel silly posting a tutorial on it. Go make some spider web cookies and enjoy them. 


F & J 

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