Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventure List

Hey everybody! F & J here...
You may have noticed before that there is a tab titled 'Adventure List' so we thought we could tell you exactly what it is today. We came up with a mental list a couple of years ago, but did not write one down until about a year ago. It is a list full of everything we would like to do while we are young. It keeps growing, even when we cross things off. Some of the things on the list will take more time than others, some more expensive, and some that may never be crossed off, but we will sure try. A few items on the list are ongoing and we will try and add checks every time we do it.
There are something's on our list, that have been crossed off. It is really fun to see that we are actually doing the things we want to. Having a physical adventure list typed or written down, allows us to have a reminder that there is so much left to do and explore in this world, and that we shouldn't let any day go by without doing what we love. We understand that this is easier said then done but we like to at least try and live by these words.
Of the ones we have crossed off, we are most proud of the cross country road trip we took in Summer of 2013. This was something that knocked two things off our list because we also saw TWO concerts in a different state. We drove from Seattle all the way down to San Diego (don't be fooled this is a long drive!). We obviously made stops in between, but it felt like all we did the whole time was drive! Next time we plan on taking our time, if we choose to drive down again.
We only gave ourselves a week, which was no where near enough time to get all that we wanted done, therefore we could not enjoy the trip as much as hoped. The first day we drove straight from Seattle to Sacramento, this took over 15 hours! We did stop and give Sherman (F's car) frequent breaks, but this was just such an exhausting process. It was well worth it and an experience we will never forget. We saw the concerts in California before heading back. Next time we are planning on flying!
From now on, we plan on making a post whenever we check off something from our Adventure List. We think that this is something everyone should make, and work towards, because it is a very rewarding journey.
If you want to check out our adventure list click here and make sure to comment below and let us know what is on your adventure list!
F & J

Sunday, April 27, 2014

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A Day on Whidbey

Hey there! F & J here!
We have been giving you a few sneak peaks of what happened on F's birthday last Friday. Now we finally have the time to write a proper post about it. We started the day as every birthday should, and got some delicious gourmet cupcakes from our favorite bakery. J chose to get Strawberry flavor, and F got cookie dough. We ate them before remembering to take a picture whoops! Then the mini day trip began. Like any good Seattle girls we stopped by Starbucks, to make sure we had the energy to go about the day.
We drove to Mukilteo to take the ferry over to Whidbey Island. The weather was beautiful even though the forecast called for rain, so we were so thankful. The little kid in us sent us straight to the bow of the ship so we could be outside and catch the breeze. Though the wind was chilly it is our favorite way to spend our time on the ferry.
This is our second time visiting Whidbey, and the first time we went was Summer of 2011 and you could say a lot has changed since then. Something's were the same, which was nice, because we were looking forward to going to certain places. But at the same time, it was disappointing to see a lot of the shops we liked to walk around, shut down. There was a lot of construction to update the town, but this was a bit disappointing because part of the charm of the city, was the vintage feel it gave off.
We were walk-ons, on the ferry so we took advantage of the free public transit, which is pretty convenient. We had lunch at a cute little café, which serves delicious Italian sodas, coffee, and sandwiches. The price is very reasonable as well, and we love this because the city is filled with little expensive boutiques. Speaking of expensive, we had a micro bowl of gelato. AND we mean MICRO, like you needed a microscope to see it, and it cost more than our lunch. (We wish we would have known).
Next we took a nice walk on the beach, soaking up the sun, and looking for whales (though we did not spot any... maybe next time). After this, we felt like we had enjoyed what the city had to offer, and decided to take the ferry back, before sunset.

To end the day on a good note, we went to our favorite crepe place for dinner, which left our tummies quite happy. We have been on quite the crepe craze lately, and will eat them whenever we can.
 I think we can say it was a pretty successful day, full of beautiful scenery, yummy food, pink cheeks, and tons of laughs. And a great start to another year.


F & J

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday F!

Hey! Just J here this time.

I just want to wish F a very happy birthday! She is the best friend anyone could ask for and she deserves for today to be amazing. We both took the day off work today, and the sun is shining (at least right now, but you know how Seattle is) and we're going to have a fun day together. I'm sure we will keep Instagram up to date. And possibly a blog later, depending on how the day goes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Love Wednesday!

Hey loves F & J here...
We know that Wednesdays can be a tough day for people, since it is in the middle of the week, and you know you still have two more days to go! So we thought we could share some of the things we are currently loving, that might put a smile on your face, and help you make it to the weekend.
Speaking of smiles, here is one that we absolutely adore:

This pup looks so happy with life, we want to take it home.
This made us laugh, so we had to share:
The panda on the bottom reminds us of Wednesday, its just hits you out of nowhere :)

Everyone loves a good indulgence, here is our favorite:
Everything from this brand is absolutely delish, but this is our favorite flavor.

We love looking at this picture, because it is one of our top destinations we want to go to:
The pier at Brighton, England

And we leave you with this quote from Walt Disney which we love:
We are firm believers in dreams, no matter how crazy they may sound. Which is why we hold this quote close to our hearts. Always.


F & J

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting Crafty

Hey there its F & J!

Today we decided to try a Pinterest inspired craft. We have been wanting to do this for awhile but have finally got the time to do it. We attempted to make gradient tennis shoes. It didn't turn out just the way we hoped, though some may consider that a fail we'd like to think of it as a learning process, we're still undecided as to whether or not we will actually wear them. (let us know if you would)

A while ago we picked up a couple pairs of plain white tennies at Target for a killer deal ($4), and were trying to figure out what to do with them. Finally we came across a pin showing how to pull the dye from the tip to make a gradient, we loved it and knew we had to try it.

For starters, we are crafty girls to begin with, so any opportunity we have to embrace our inner crafters we will take in a heartbeat. Having already had all the supplies but the dye, we headed straight to Ben Franklin Craft Store and picked some up.

We will let you know how we did it so if you want to try yourself you will know how. But please be warned it's a lot harder than it looks and don't set your expectations too high (we did and it was disappointing).

First off, the supplies:

  • a pair of white tennis shoes
  • clothing dye in the color of your choice (we used RIT)
  • make-up sponges
  • Vaseline
  • gloves 
  • old rags
  • waterproof spray (for after, this is optional, but we do live in Seattle!)

To start off with, we mixed up the dye (sorry it doesn't come already mixed) and we used the bottom of an empty plastic gallon milk container (because it stains).

We then applied Vaseline on the rubber portion of the shoes so the dye wouldn't stain it.
Now we can began the dying process. Remember to wear gloves and clothes you don't care about! (F got a little colorful!)

We dipped the tip of the shoe straight into the dye and used the make-up sponge to pull the color back. This is where it gets tricky. Because it's really hard to make the gradient even, gradual and the dye can become a bit splotchy. This is where the old rags come in handy! We don't have tips to make it easier because we struggled ourselves. We accidentally made them darker than we anticipated because once the dye has made the shoe darker you can't take it back. 

We are waiting for them to dry and then we will add some pretty ribbon as the lace. (of course we will post a photo of the final product later)

We hope you can try it or let us know if you know of a better way to do this because we would try it again! The whole craft cost us less than $10 per pair, thanks to our lucky deal! And an afternoon of laughter, and enjoyment! If you chose to do this yourself send us a pic via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email. We would love to see them and will post a few of our favorites! So stay tuned!


F & J

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Summer Essentials

Hey Loves... F & J here!

Since the weather here in Seattle has been GORGEOUS, and seeing all the pictures from Coachella, we have been bitten by the summer bug! We thought we would share some of our absolute favorite items we have for summer. Let's get this started!

To Begin:

Legs- Everyone wants silky smooth legs for summer, we have tested tons of products and methods, and these are the best we have found. We swear by them, so we hope they work for you.

Eos Shave Cream: We have searched high and low for hair blasting shave cream, because the shaving process is where the softness begins. This shave cream is the only one we found that leaves us with soft legs until the next day. This alone will leave your legs happy and hairless just the way you like them. The average cost is around $4 found at Target, and it is well worth it!
Schick Hydro Silk Razor: This is the best razor we have ever used! And trust us we have used almost every brand. It leaves your legs hair free, and has a moisturizing bar that helps prevent razor burn, and leaves it feeling lotioned. Pair this with the shave cream above and you have a winner. Also found at Target averaging around $10.

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel: We know this one sounds a bit out there, but stay with us. It works best right after the shower, when your legs are still damp. Just apply a dime size amount to each leg and you will have completed the perfect legs according to F & J. Your legs will look and feel smoother. This also helps make your hair grow back slower. ( At least we would like to think so) Who wouldn't want that! This can be found at Fred Meyer for $4.

On to hair: The summer heat can make your hair do crazy things, and as much as we love messy buns, we also love to have our hair down and looking fabulous in the sun, with a breeze blowing (model status!)
Coconut Oil: The best hair starts the night before. Coconut oil is very hydrating, and leaves your hair soft! (It also helps with dandruff-double win!). Apply a generous amount of melted coconut oil all over the head... and we mean all over! It can be kind of tricky to wash out, so maybe wash twice and scrub, because you do not want any left over, because it can leave hair looking greasy if there is any residue. It is totally safe to keep in your hair over night, but we suggest at least two hours before washing. It totally helps with swimmers hair (you know what we mean. Dry. Frizzy. Dry. Gross. Did we say dry?) Also you can apply it to your skin. The uses are endless. Found at Trader Joes for $6
John Frieda- Frizz-Ease Serum: We know it can't just be us who gets basically an afro when the humidity comes in like a wrecking ball! Ahh! But don't fret this product really works keeping frizz down, and the rest of humanity safe from the bird nest on your head... After showering and towel drying put a few drops in your hand and rub all over your hair. It doesn't take much but does a lot. Then go about the rest of your routine as normal. We found this miracle worker at Ulta for $10.

Nourishing Coconut Milk Serum by OGX: The sweet smell of coconut and summer time go hand and hand. This product also helps with frizz but is mainly for nourishing and preventing breakage of hair. We absolutely love this product because it leaves the hair feeling soft, and there is no residue. Just put a dime size amount and run through damp hair, and you will notice the softness right away. This can be bought from Fred Meyer for $8.
TRESemmĂ© Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray: We all know how much damage heat can do on our hair, whether we are straightening it, curling it, or even just blow drying, which is why we all need to protect our precious locks. This is our protectant of choice, because it smells great, works amazing, and is nice on the wallet. Just spray liberally throughout your hair before you style and you are all set. We bought this protectant spray from Target for $4.

Speaking of protecting, Sunscreen- Everyone knows we need to protect our skin too! Soaking up the rays is, nice but getting a burn is never worth it (need we remind you how painful a sunburn is).

*Benefit Face Emulsion SPF 15: This sunscreen is meant for your pretty little face. It is really light and moisturizing. Most makeup does contain some SPF but using this as a base is a little extra to be safe and protect your skin from the sun. This product is a bit pricey, but it does its job, and does not leave our skin oily, which can be a big problem with sunscreen. Full Size from Ulta runs about $32

Coppertone Tanning Lotion: Just a quick disclaimer about this suntan lotion is that both F & J are more likely to tan then burn, so we do not suggest this product if you are prone to burning. We love this product because it smells like summer and protects our skin while still allowing us to get tan. We bought this at Fred Meyer and it usually runs around $9.
 Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel: Sometimes no matter how many precautions you take you forget something... possibly sunscreen. (We have all done it... no judging). The best thing you can do for your skin, is put aloe vera gel on it. It cools upon impact and helps with the healing of your burn and moisturizing the skin. You can buy any brand but this one usually runs about $6, and unless you get burned all the time, this should last a while and is well worth it.

Moving on to personal health products.
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant: In the summer heat deodorant is not something you can skip, but on days where you know you can't reapply, or don't want to risk stinky, or you are doing strenuous activity, sometimes regular deodorant just doesn't cut it. It doesn't matter if you are usually someone who needs a lot of deodorant, it is just nice to know that you don't have to worry, which is why a clinical strength deodorant can put your stress away. This doesn't mean you don't have to put it on everyday, it just means your covered when you do put it on. Still apply daily. A bit pricier than normal deodorant but worth every penny, we bought this at Target for $8.
*Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: We all love running around in the summer, but we don't want our makeup joining in on the fun, we want it to stay put. Putting this primer on before applying your makeup leaves your face as soft as a baby's bum and keeps your makeup just where you put it, just the way we like it. It also fills in and smooth's imperfections (yay!). This product does make your wallet lighter, but it lasts for a long time. This is the breast cancer edition which is why there is a pink ribbon, and the normal bottle doesn't have one on it. Found at Ulta for $35.
* Lush Ocean Salt Scrub: This scrub though pricey is amazeballs, we can not stop obsessing over it. It is made entirely from natural ingredients and smells like the beach (not the stinky fish smell). When mixed it is a beautiful blue tone that screams summer. It is a body scrub that you can literally use anywhere. Even your face. Its guaranteed to make your skin supppper soft. We love to use it on our hands. Found only at lush for $22.

Last Section is just things that we love, and remind us of summer!
* PINK - Beach Towel: This towel is super cute and super soft. It is nice to lay on at the beach or use as a wrap after a dip in the water. We love this design, but there are different styles to choose from. Pink also has beach blankets that are twice the size but twice the price, so that is why we chose to show you the towel. The towels found only at Victoria's Secret costs $25
Essie Nail Polish: We adore the brand Essie for the most beautiful colors. The one pictured is something we are currently loving and is named 'Bikini So Teeny'. They have many colors that will make your nails pop this summer, and match with anything you wear. We usually buy Essie because it is good quality, dries fast, and it is undoubtedly cute. We bought this at Ulta for $8.50.

*Bath and Body Works Candle in Peach Bellini scent: The smell of this candle made us fall in love instantly. It smells like perfection. It is not too strong, and smells like fruit and wonder. That's basically all we have to say about it. Go smell and if you don't like it we don't like you (Just Kidding!) The large candle costs $22.50 only from Bath and Body Works.

Drumroll Please..... the inspiration to this blog post... the one we love the most... the smell of summer

Ladies and Gentlemen- *The Lost in Love Collection from PINK: Unfortunately you must run out and buy it right now, as it is a limited edition smell for Spring Break. The bottle is GORGEOUS and looks like summer, but the smell of it is indescribably perfection. It makes you want to jump up and run to the beach no matter how far that is. It makes you want to dance, and sing, and shout (of pure happiness of course), and basically make you look crazy (or maybe that's just us.. awk). Take a whiff and close your eyes and you will be transported to paradise. The cost of each item varies anywhere from $12-18 and can only be found at Victoria's Secret.
That basically sums up our summer essentials. We hope you can try them out and love them as much as we do. Just so you know we are not experts on this topic, and this is just our personal opinion.  Also we are not rich, and we know you probably aren't either and don't expect you to pay full price for these items, because we did not ourselves. We bought all the items above on sale, and on the items that had them we used coupons, and suggest you try and do the same to save some money. The price posted is before any discount, so don't freak out too much if something is not in your price range.
F & J
*These items are sold only in specific stores

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coin Jar


 F & J here...

Sorry it has been too long since our last post, we have been trying to make this page the best it can be, and we want you to love it as much as we do.

We know everyone loves to travel, but we also know how much a trip can cost. From hotel, flights, cars, gas, food, souvenirs, activities, and anything else that comes up, your wallet could be left crying and feeling empty inside. So being the travel loving poor girls that we are, we had to come up with something to help us save up for a trip we were planning to take. We began brainstorming ideas, and knew that it would be hard to put aside money every week, when we needed it for other stuff that was more important. So after lots of ideas, we mutually came up with an idea that would actually work.

We took an old coffee jar, some old magazines, some liquid Elmers glue, and of course some glitter, that were sitting around our dorm room, and began crafting what became known as the coin jar. Taking a total of one whole day to make.

The coin jar is super simple and has three rules:
 1. At the end of every night all coins go into the coin jar
 2. The coins in the coin jar must be dedicated to something (such as a trip, concert, etc.) and MUST be used only on that
3. Coins must only be put in, never taken out, unless spending on the above decided

Easy Right?! To be honest that sounds crazy to put in only coins, but you would be surprised on how fast money adds up, as long as you spend cash on your purchases. Also tip: We went to the bank, asked for some paper coin rollers, rolled up our coins and exchanged them for cash dollars, they never complain, and it makes spending the money a lot easier!

Last year, our dedication to the coin jar was a road trip to California. We ended up with about $450, which paid for ALL of the gas, there and back, as well as our Starbucks, so you could say we were happy with the end results of the coin jar.

At times it was hard to put in $.90 here and there, but the bottom line was that we never really missed the money, and did not feel shorted of money because of this. The coin jar worked so well that we decided to make it an annual thing, to help fund a trip we want to take. Our first coin jar got used and abused, so we decided to make Coin Jar 2.0 for this year. Our dedication is a secret, and I am sure we will blog about it when it happens, hopefully later this year (fingers crossed).

Right now we have $247 saved up, as you can see from our handy chalk board sticker (only found on the 2.0 style) and we will keep you updated with every new count that we do.
We highly suggest starting your own coin jar, and letting us know how it works for you, or if you have any suggestions for us. We would love to hear them!


F & J

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keeping Up with the Crowd

Hey loves F & J here!

Please note that tonight's blog post reflect our personal feelings, and we believe in true love, no matter the age, or how fast it comes! We are not people who judge, we just want to speak about something that we both have been noticing lately.

It must be the season of love, because we both have been noticing an extremely large amount of people on our individual Facebook timelines that are getting, married, engaged, expecting a baby, or have a baby already. Remember we are only a couple years out of high school. Though there may be a bit of an age difference between F & J, we both went to high school together, and share a lot of the same friends.

Out of curiosity, we tallied up names of people we went to high school with, that fit one or more of these categories.We came up with about 45 individuals. Is it just us, or does this seem like a crazy high number? It feels like there is a new engagement every week and we can't keep up.

We are sitting here trying to figure out what we want to do with life, and there are so many people we know who seem like they have everything figured out. It is leaving us feeling a little behind in life.

We both find nothing wrong with all the engagements and babies, after all this is something we want so badly ourselves, but it seems like everyone is on a fast track. One day someone is dating someone new, then basically in a few months they're engaged, and before you have time to blink we swear there are wedding pictures on Facebook. We see this happening so often, that it is hard for us to come to terms with the fact that it is okay to not be at the same point in life.

We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are only 18 and 21 for goodness sakes, and we should be enjoying our youth in the way we want to. Both of us are very open to the idea of love, and we can't wait to find our own prince charmings to come swoop us off our feet, but until then we are sitting here single at the moment (unfortunately), and trying to live our lives to the fullest. Without a doubt we want to get married one day. And for our own personal self we want to figure out who we are, before we say 'I Do'

The quote attached to this post says, "Comparison is the thief of joy", and we find this fitting because feeling down about not being where they are will not allow us to live in the moment, and be thankful for what we have. And we want to fully appreciate life, and not feel the need to compare our lives to others.


F & J

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Sing-A-Long Sundays

F & J here! It's nice to be back and writing after a couple long days. Today we want to let you all know about this song we both have been OBSESSING about!
First off a shout out to Karmin for making an incredible album that stole our hearts. This last summer we were lucky enough to see this amazing duo perform not once but twice! We also got to see their sound checks, and from what we saw they were really cool people, and talented beyond belief. They just recently released their album Pulses a few weeks ago, and after listening to it on repeat, we came to the conclusion that it is wonderfully made, and is worth a listen.
The first time we heard the track Neon Love we immediately fell in love with it! The song strikes close to our hearts. It's about a love, as beautiful and strong as it may be, destined to burn out. Karmin took a poetic approach to the song, and they speak honestly in a way that connects with everyone. We added the video clip of the song to make it easier for you to take a listen.
We hope you love this song as much as we do! You should also listen to the full album, because every song is so unique and has its own feel to it.
Also check out the songs acoustic version! And to make you love the duo even more you should know that they are engaged! How cute is that!

F & J

The First of Many Hellos!

The first blog is always a hard thing to tackle. It sort of sets the mood for what is to come. You could say it's a lot of pressure. As new bloggers we can't make too many promises, but we hope that we can bring many laughs, unfold a lot of truths, and hopefully answer some questions that we feel are universal and can even cause frustration at times. We hope we can come across through our words, and we don't want to shy away from feelings that can come from situations, because we are both familiar with how harsh the real world can be. This blog will not always be sunshine, but in order to appreciate the true beauty of sun, we have to endure the rain and to keep this blog truly who we are. We will share the rainy days, and maybe work our problems out, but of course we will share the sunny days as well. One of the few things we can promise is to share the crazy stories. You would never believe the things that happen to us, both good and bad.
This blog is not specifically about anything. This blog is about us, and our life. F & J. This is who we are and we hope you can love us! (Check out the "Meet F & J" tab too!)
We hope that you, our readers, can relate and connect with us and our hearts. Feel free to send us your thoughts, or something you want to ask us, by commenting below, while we try and figure this blog thing out. We will keep you updated. Signing off for the first time of many to come...