Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hey Loves!!! F & J here!

Today is really exciting for us because today is the first of hopefully many giveaways!!! We have been planning this for a while and are super excited that we get to share it with all you guys now! The only thing better than giving these gifts to one of you, would be if we could have picked the prizes up for ourselves (haha). We had tons of fun shopping for items to put in a box to send to one of you lucky readers! We are stuffing it as full as we can with items we LOVE or have yet to try and want to! Below we will post pictures of some of the items that we put in the box (but not all!).

So, you may ask ' How can I win?'. Simple:

The contest begins right away (so get moving!) and ends two weeks from today June 14th! We will decide a winner by putting all the entries into a bowl and drawing out a winner. We will notify the winner using the social media name they entered with. Before the winner becomes official we will make sure they have not taken back the action that got them the entry. The winner gets 48 hours from the time we contact them to accept their prize, if they fail to comply they forfeit the prize and we will draw a new winner! If you follow us already send us a message and we will give you an entry! Prize Value: Over $85!!!

This contest is open to anyone in the world, so make sure you enter! You do not want to miss the opportunity for these great prizes! You can click on the bolded words above to get the link. Or click the icons on the side bar.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry! We took the picture in F's bedroom with an Iphone (bad lighting + Iphones = Not so great photos), but don't worry all the items are new and not blurry in person (haha).
Jewelry from Lauren Conrad's collection! We are obsessed!
Some of our favorite things including the EOS shave cream from our summer essential post!
Fuzzy Socks and Samples! Fancy!
And there is even more stuff waiting for one of you! Make sure you get entering as soon as you can! We hope you are as excited as us.


F & J

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hummmp Dayyy!

Because of all the talk of France yesterday we find ourselves at our all time favorite creperie.
This is a great way to fulfill our needs while stuck in the US. It also is a great way to make it through hummmp day! Delicious!


F & J 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Travel Tuesday: France

Bonjour! F & J here!

Today for Travel Tuesday we find ourselves in France. The country as a whole is beautiful, and it has always been somewhere we have wanted to go. Paris in specific holds quite the interest for us, as it is known to be the City of Love. We are hopeless romantics so just the thought of France can send our hearts fluttering with daydreams.

Of course, because it is France we have to see the Eiffel Tower. It is known world wide and it is the most famous of France's landmarks. We want to go and see the tower at night when it is all lit up, because we are sure it is even more beautiful in person.
As you may have guessed, we love beaches and nothing can stop us from spending time at the beach even in France. Plage de Saleccia is one of the more isolated beaches in France, and it is truly breathtaking. We can't wait to stick our feet in the soft, warm, white, sand (that is not something we see often here in Seattle).
 The Love Locks on Pont Des Arts, symbolize a love that can't be broken. Couples from all over the world engrave their locks with names or initials, and lock their 'love' onto the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine River. No matter what happens to the lock, the only way to take it back is to unlock it with the key. Which is nearly impossible. The whole thought of this is so romantic and we would love to do it one day.
We are true Disney lovers and would love nothing more than to visit Disneyland Paris. We might not understand what is going on throughout the park, but we still believe that we would be able to feel the Disney magic! And roller coasters do not speak  a language.
While in Paris we want to pull a Blair and Serena (gossip girl, duh! catch up on Netflix), we want to shop, shop, shop! Of course we do not have their budget, but we can pretend we do. France has so many cute boutiques, and one of a kind of items, and we want them all! 
After shopping, we will be super hungry! But when in France, eat like the French (that's what they say right?!). Which is why on our menu we want to try true French macarons, crepes, baguettes, creme brulee, and so much more (can you say yum?!). The whole cafe and bakery scene is super cute and we want to be a part of that!
That is all we have for our this Travel Tuesday!

Au Revoir!


F & J

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Weekend Update

Hey Loves! F & J here!

It's Memorial Day Weekend! Which hopefully means a three day weekend for most of you! (if you're in the US anyways). It's really important that we do remember our veterans and those currently serving. They fight so hard for our freedom and we are so proud of them, and thankful. Not only to those who serve or have served, but to all their family's too who give up so much to protect our country and our way of life.
Just a quick update on how things are going for Love F & J, we are so excited because our blog is getting so many views, not only in the US but all over the world! We are jumping for joy (we're not even kidding!), and because we are so happy, we thought we would do something for all our viewers. We are figuring out a way to set up a contest where the winner will receive a package for us, and there will be prizes for the runner up-ers, and an additional gift for those who are the Seattle area (sorry this is an area specific prize, but don't worry there will be other opportunities). To be very clear this contest is for the whole world, there is just an extra prize for those who live nearby. So make sure that you stay tuned because we should be posting the contest and rules within the next week or so. 
If you are enjoying our blog make sure you follow us so you don't miss anything. Also, be sure to share our blog with anyone you think would like it too! If you want us to talk about anything in particular, don't hold back, let us know in any way you want and we will reply to everyone personally!


F & J

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Music To Our Ears

Hello there! F & J here!

We have been eating up our phone's battery and data because we have been playing Sam Smith's acoustic songs on repeat! F found Sam's music a while back, but started listening to him on a daily basis, and J caught on pretty quickly and that is how Sam because our current musical obsession. His voice is soothing and soulful, and it all feels very fitting to our lives right now and we love it.
There isn't much to say except that he is amazing and that you all should listen to his music right now. To help you out we will post the videos of the ones on our playlist currently. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do. All the songs that we are going to post are the acoustic version, because we are acoustic kind of girls... Don't get us wrong, we listen to more than just acoustic, we just find songs so beautiful when they are stripped down.

If any of you have any song suggestions please pass them on, because we love new music and will give anything a listen!

1. Latch 2. The Lonely Hour 3. Nirvana 4. Lay Me Down


F & J

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Tahiti

Welcome Aboard! F & J here!

Today for Travel Tuesday we have chosen to leave the country and go to the tropical island of Tahiti. For those of you who aren't familiar with the map, Tahiti is located in the South Pacific, south of Hawaii.
The main reason why we want to go to Tahiti is to relax. The island is beautiful and seems very serene and tranquil. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and the water is clear, and everything seems to be laid back. You can kick your feet back and drink from your coconut (We can almost imagine!).
Even though it seems like you could spend the day just laying on the beach, there is a lot of things the island offers for more enjoyment.
Because of the clear water and tropical sea life, it is a great place to snorkel. We have never been snorkeling but we have heard that it is an amazing, unforgettable experience, even for people who do not like getting in any other water than a bath tub. Do not get us wrong, we both love the water, swimming, and anything aqua related. One thing that sounds hauntingly cool is you can dive to see sunken ships. Not only that but there is an abundance of marine life. (Who doesn't want to see dolphins or turtles?)
Tahiti offers a world class spa, which we can only imagine to be the most luxurious experience there is out there.
There are more things to do on the island, but these are a few things that caught our attention. Again, to be honest, we would love to go just to relax, and get away from our crazy lives. Tahiti is a very expensive getaway so we are not planning on going anytime soon. But hopefully one day we will make it there. We are pretty sure there is a bungalow on Bora Bora calling our names. The island as a whole seems so romantic, and it would be incredible if the man of our dreams would surprise us with tickets! Hey we can dream, right?!
That is all for this week! Make sure to tune in next Travel Tuesday!


F & J

Friday, May 16, 2014


Hey loves, F & J here!

Thank goodness it is Friday, because this may have been the longest week ever! The weather has been nice, but we did not get any time to enjoy it. Work was especially hard this week, and people seemed to be a little off. But we survived, and we are so glad that Friday has finally come.
Unfortunately the weather is not looking so great for the weekend, but that has never stopped us before. For us a weekend is usually pretty laid back, and we can't complain about that. We don't have any plans yet but we always come up with things to do. Maybe the forecast is wrong and we can get out and enjoy the sun and visit local beaches or even better visit the farmers markets. Maybe you could let us know what we could do or about your weekend plans? Now we just have to make it through today! We wish you luck getting through today too.


F & J

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Beginning of Travel Tuesday

Hey loves, F & J here!

Starting today we are going to post every "Travel Tuesday" a new place we want to visit and explore. The places can be anywhere in the world, we will make sure to post lots of pictures and maybe you can see why we want to visit these places!
For our first Travel Tuesday, we will take you to The Big Apple, and for those of you who aren't aware the Big Apple is New York.
In our minds New York is a glamorous place filled with busy people, and as night owls a city that never sleeps is something that we'd love to visit.
We particularly want to visit New York during the holiday season, when the tree is up and there is magic in the air. We want to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center (the one from the movie ELF).
While in the busy city, we'd love to see a musical on Broadway. There is always been something grand about the shows they produce and more than anything we'd love to see one up close and personal. There is not a particular show we'd like to see but one day we would like to see Wicked, The Lion King, and so many more.
Of course, you can't go to New York without shopping. So we'd hit up the town and check out Victoria's Secret (it's supposed to be HUGE), Tiffany's & Co. (what girl doesn't love jewelry), and Brandy Melville ( because we don't have a store in Seattle we have to shop online. And no one likes to pay shipping!). We would go to just about any stores! If you have more you want to tell us about definitely let us know!

Central Park is on our list as well. It's scenery is beautiful. And who doesn't want to visit the same place the penguins escaped to in Madagascar!
Last on our itinerary for today, though it's most definitely not all there is to do or see in the Big Apple, is Madison Square Garden. We would love to see one of our favorite bands perform on such a prestige stage.
We hope you enjoyed this virtual trip through New York. One day we will get there and we can't wait to post about it. We can't wait to take you to our next destination.


F & J

Monday, May 12, 2014

Workout Playlist

Hey there! F & J here...

As you all probably know today is Monday (ick!), but that means the start of a new week. To start the week off right we always follow one rule, never miss a workout on a Monday. Because we go to the gym on Mondays we are motivated to keep it up through the whole week, and not want to skip days. It also keeps us more conscious to the food we put in our bodies, and gives us energy to face the rest of the week (well almost). Even if you don't have a gym membership, or access to workout machines, we do suggest at least taking a nice walk, especially since the weather is so nice.

We compiled a list of songs we love to workout to. These songs are a good help to keep up the pace, and be happy while you workout. It is a good playlist for an hour workout, with warm up and cool down time. If you want to listen to the whole playlist click here.

1. 4x4 - Miley Cyrus (Feat. Nelly)

2.Gasoline - Karmin

3. Paris (Oh la la) - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals 

4. Firestarter - Demi Lovato

5. Happily - One Direction

6. Sun of a Gun - Oh land

7. Troublemaker - Olly Murs (Feat. Flo Rida)

8. Replay - Zendaya

9. Pulses - Karmin

10. Sing - Ed Sheeran

11.  Problem - Ariana Grande (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

12. Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato (Feat. Cher Lloyd)

13. Walking On Air - Katy Perry

14. Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson

15. Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs

16. Try Me On- Karmin

17. Pompoms - Jonas Brothers

18. She Looks So Perfect -  5 Seconds of Summer

19. Latch - Disclosure (Feat. Sam Smith)

20. Birthday - Katy Perry

21. Heart Skips a Beat - Olly Murs (Feat. Chiddy Bang)

22. Tight Rope - Janelle Monae (Feat. Big Boi)

23. I Wanna Go - Britney Spears

24. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)- Fergie

Hope you enjoy this playlist, and it gets you moving! Even if you are not working out, it is a great playlist to get you pumped up. Of course there is many more songs, we could have added, and if there is any you suggest that we should add, we would love to hear.


F & J

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Summer Plans

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

The beginning of May is such a lovely time to be in Seattle. The weather starts to clear up, and we see the sun after many cold rainy months. We are looking forward to so many things right now, and we find that with the sun comes a lot of excitement. Summer gives us the feeling of freedom, even if we are working, there is still a lot of good things to look forward to.

May 1st marks the start of farmer market season. Here in Seattle throughout the summer, we have a farmers market almost everyday. The location changes but they are all within a reasonable distance, and we love it! Our favorite of all the markets we have gone to, is the Wednesday market, at the Marina in Downtown Kirkland. It is right next to the lake and it has an amazing summer vibe. The sun comes out and everyone is so happy. There is fresh fruit, flowers, local companies, pastries, food trucks, beverages, and so much more, and we wish we could visit every Wednesday. One thing we are really looking forward to is Shen Zen Tea, unfortunately they do not have a store and you can only buy it at farmers markets and festivals. But the Vanilla Mint Cola is to die for, and by far our favorite flavor!
We are not ones to spend our day watching TV, but we love ABC Family and some of the shows that they produce. We got hooked on the series 'The Fosters', and Season Two is coming back June 16th! This show covers some controversial topics, but they handle the situations in a positive way. The writers really think each situation through, and have realistically portrayed problems and solutions. This show hits close to home with us, and has even brought us to the point of tears (embarrassing). This show is worth watching, and season one is on Netflix, so you could catch up before season two starts.

We are super excited for Ed Sheeran's new album, Multiply, coming out June 23rd! It's a little over a month away but he has already released two tracks and we know that it will be the soundtrack of our summer.  We loved his first album and have been waiting for a second one for what feels like forever. He is a musical genius, and we like that he is so raw and honest, and very relatable. If you haven't heard any of his stuff, then you MUST check him out. You won't regret it!

Of course there is so many more things to look forward to, but the last on our list for today is THE FOURTH OF JULY! We know that this is a holiday only celebrated in the US, but we truly love it! Red, White, and Blue can be seen everywhere, and everybody gets involved. The parties are amazing, the parades are tons of fun, everyone is happy, the weather is always nice, and there is always something to do. We love Coachella inspired patriotism, with flags, stripes, and stars, and we love showing our pride for our country! We plan on blogging Fourth of July party ideas as the date gets closer, so be prepared! Every year J's family throws a HUGE barbeque, where tons of people come and enjoy good food, good company, and greats laughs. We always end the night by watching the fireworks, on the lake.

As you know we are obviously looking forward to summer, and we are sure you are too! Comment below and let us know what your plans are, or tweet about it using #lovefandj. We can't wait to hear from you! Also please make sure to likes us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


F & J