Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Gotta Be Shoe

Hey loves! F & J here!

When it comes to Christmas, we love to give unique gifts that we know the person won't have. So today, we thought we'd share one of the ideas we came up with.

We had to post this picture because it's one our favorite bands wearing our all time favorite football teams jersey.Go Hawks!

J's family friend, who is 14, loves, loves, LOVES One Direction, so we were trying to figure out a way to give her a unique gift that she would love. There's a lot of One Direction paraphernalia out there, but she probably owns most of it already, so we wanted to play it safe and give her a gift that we could guarantee no one else could have and she would be proud to show off!
We decided to make her custom tennis shoes that she could wear whenever she was feeling that One Direction Infection coming on. She is a true fan girl so we knew she would love it. We bought a pair of white tennis shoes, and a pack of sharpies and let the magic begin. We came up with a rough idea of what we wanted the shoes to look like, keeping in mind at all times One Direction. Since most members are from the UK and one is from Ireland we decided to use the countries as a theme, one for each shoe. And put a flag on the back.

We themed one of the shoes orange, white, and green for Ireland and the other red, white, and blue for the UK. We covered the rest of the shoes with other One Direction themed stuff such as music notes, initials of their names, their names, and album titles and then added her favorite song lyrics to the shoes to make it even more personal. We texted asking for her favorite lyrics, she doesn't know what we're up to though. We are pretty sure she'll love them. We will let you know her reaction when we give it to her. We are meeting up mid-December and will have the present wrapped in One Direction gift wrap. We are also including One Direction socks we found at Claire's, an accessory store designed for kids and younger teens. This will probably be the best gift she gets all Christmas! It will be the best gift ever, do you see what we did there? We were up all night making these shoes One Direction pun intended, and we know all those midnight memories we made will provide a gift that is better than words. Okay we will stop with the puns now.

This was our first time doing anything like this, and working with sharpies on cloth shoes, so we know they are imperfect. We only got one try when drawing on the shoes, and we ended up with more mistakes than we would have hoped, just because we didn't know what to except with using a shoe as a pallet. We had so much fun making them, and we know the more we do it, the better we will get. But if you guys love the shoes and would like your own custom pair with the band or theme of your choice we would love to make them for you. Send a message through the contact us link tab or you can email us at lovefandj@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We would love your feedback on the shoes and if you have any other gift or craft ideas you want to try out, let us know, because we'd love to try them out for you.


F & J

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