Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day Dreamer

Hey Loves! F & J here!
We know it's been a really long time since we last sat down to write a blog. We have been finding it extremely hard to keep a balance between our multiple part time jobs, keeping a healthy life style, and trying to keep everyone around us happy. As nannies our jobs do not have set hours and we have to be on call almost all the time, which makes it hard to plan life. We love kids, and we work with great families, but it does take its toll and gets a bit crazy sometimes. Writing a blog gets pushed back on our to do list, because it is something we are choosing to do and not so much a necessity. Even though we have been so busy we still have time to daydream and think about where we want to go with our lives, and all the steps required to get there. We are not perfect and it's not going to happen right away but one of those steps is to blog more often. We want it to be something that is enjoyable to write and read. Part of the reason why we haven't been posting so much is because we don't want to sit down and write a blog that feels forced, we think it's very important that we put our whole heart into every entry.

We are young and we are ambitious but we are stuck in this rut of everyday life, and we want to see an end to this cycle. Our dreams are a bit out there, but we are firm believers that they should be crazy, because it will never happen unless we dream it... and of course work for it. Wasting our lives away is not part of our playbook for life. It is important that we take advantage of our youth and energy while we have it. It's definitely hard to be hopeful 24/7, and there are times where we feel like we are going no where, but we have to get up and remember our dreams, because things like that are easily forgotten.

We love Seattle and will always call it home. But one day we want to live in California, not permanently. Maybe for a year, maybe less, and maybe more, no one knows. An experience like this would come with a certain kind of freedom, without boundaries, and we feel like we could grow so much personally and use the freedom to find who we really are.  We love the beach and the environment down in Cali, and we have been fortunate enough to have gone multiple times, and J even has family down there, which makes it even more desirable, We are always California Dreamin' we even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. 

Another dream we have is to travel the world. Which is why we were doing Travel Tuesdays, we have such a sense of wonder for the world and can't wait to explore more than we already have. Next, on list for our big trips is Florida. J has been before and we have both seen lots of pictures on our Facebook timelines, and now we feel like it would be a shame not to go. Our coin jar is dedicated to making it happen as soon as we can. It will be pricey because we will want to stop by Disney World, but it would be rude of us to be that close and not stop by to say Hi to our pal Mickey. Who could blame us?

Our dream list could keep going, and trust us it does, but it would take hours to list all the things we want to accomplish, and eventually we will post them all, we're sure, but for now we will leave you with these. We are really excited to get to post about living some of our dreams out and about working our way towards them. 

We don't plan on quitting on our dreams anytime time soon, and neither should you. What are your dreams? Comment below we would love to know, and maybe even help you get there!


F & J

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