Thursday, April 9, 2015

Game On!

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Lately at work we have had a lot of down time thanks to Spring Break and working with children, that has resulted in lots of phone time, and after the usual Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter checks we found ourselves downloading games to take up the rest of our times. These three in particular have kept us quite entertained, and we thought we should share. We can't be the only people in need of fun games on our phones. 
First is Panda Pop! The easiest of the three games, and quite relaxing. It's a pretty basic game of popping bubbles, but entertaining nonetheless. The only sucky part about the game is that it takes 30 minutes to regain a life, and you only get five lives. But it still manages to kill time pretty well.
The next one is Mr. Jump. This one is definitely more attention consuming and difficult. We are only on level two! It seems like it should be easy, but it is not, and it is oddly addicting. The plus side, is there is no lives, so you can basically play forever, or while you are waiting for your Panda Pop lives to come back.
The last one, is the only one that costs money. It is $0.99 in the Apple App Store, but we got it for free thanks to the Starbucks App. Like Mr. Jump, it takes attention and it is quite difficult. It is very helpful to listen to the music while playing, and we find it oddly catchy. Maybe we played it a few too many times. 

We have iPhones so we are not sure if the games are available on Android devices, but lets hope they are! Let us know your favorites apps, because we are always searching for more. We tend to get bored of things pretty fast, so it would be nice to have a few more to try out. Let us know what you think of these games, and if you have any tips on how to be better at them,  we would really appreciate it.


F & J 

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