Friday, May 22, 2015

Disney Fun

Hey Loves! F & J here!
Today we got around to doing a really fun and entertaining game, that we had to share. It kept us laughing and gave us something fun to do after a long day. You only need two people to play, but the more the merrier. 

Basically we played blindfolded Pictionary, but we used only Disney themed words by choice. The result as you can see was a bit crazy and hard to guess but that was the point. You could try and guess ours, please excuse the drawings, we were blindfolded. We will put the answers on the bottom. We definitely suggest you try it out, it was quite funny and you could use whatever words you like.

We stuck each photo into a collage to save space, but the pink is J's drawings, and the blue is F's. We had a blast and will definitely do it another time, and even at parties when things are dull. Comment below and let us know how many you ended up getting right, or wrong. Have lots of fun, and laugh until you are out of breath!
1. Snow White
2.Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii
3.Dole Whip from Disneyland
4. Yeti from the Matterhorn ride
5.Finding the bear from Mulan
6.Brooms from Fantasia
7.Pirates of the Caribbean ride
8.California Screamin'
10.Spinning Teacup ride
12.Belle's Rose
13.The house from UP
15.The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

We know they are embarrassing but too funny no to share. No judging! 


F & J

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