Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tori Kelly and Us the Duo

Hey Loves! F & J here! 

Last night was a pretty incredible night. We got to go see Tori Kelly with special guests Us the Duo. Just in case you don't know. Tori Kelly is big on Youtube and has been growing more famous over the last year. She does have EP's out there, but her first full length album, Unbreakable Smile, comes out June 23 of this year. Us the Duo is a married couple, they are completely adorable, and in love, it is clearly visible no matter where you are sitting! Their song No Matter Where You Are, which happens to be their wedding vows, is in the movie Book of Life. 

There is no denying the talent that was in the theatre last night. They all have been blessed with incredible vocal chords and make it seem so easy! 

We were very happy to hear new songs from both Us the Duo and Tori Kelly. If you really don't know them, you need to go search Youtube. You will not be sorry!

This vine was what Us the Duo put together. They had the audience pick an animal, an elephant, and recorded us imitating one and then they had us put an arm in the air and give the camera sass. They mashed them up into this vine that they posted. Go ahead, take a look.

This is a Instagram video Tori posted that she made while on stage preforming. She says it was the sweatiest show ever and we can agree! It was H-O-TTTTT!
A video posted by Tori Kelly (@torikelly) on

It was an amazing show and we are so glad we went! We will be keeping our eyes out and waiting for the new album to drop. 

17 days to go!


F & J 

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