Sunday, July 19, 2015

Up All Night

Hey Loves! F and J here!
So, you may have heard of a little band called One Direction. We hear they're pretty popular these days. Well they happened to come to Seattle and we HAD to go and we may or may not have somehow found ourselves at the Vancouver Canada show too. In our defense it was a 2 hour drive and who doesn't need an excuse to leave the country. 

First, SEATTLE! WOOT! WOOT! We are extremely proud Seattlites and happy to see them at Century Link Field where our very own Seahawks play! GO HAWKS! Outside the stadium local radio stations were pumping up the crowd and upgrading tons of tickets. Icona Pop opened for the boys. They did a fabulous job. The stadium was packed full of people singing along and dancing getting ready for the main show. The vibes were good all around! Once the boys went on stage the crowd got hysterical! We aren't typical fan girls, don't get us wrong we love the boys and their music, but we don't feel the need to scream and cry. To us they are just normal people who are extremely talented and lucky enough to do this for a living. You could tell they were exhausted but they put on a good show. We really enjoyed watching them on stage. They are so comfortable and totally belong there. It was an unforgettable experience! 

Round 2, Vancouver. They were definitely more relaxed and full of good spirits it was almost like different people up on stage, more like the boys we know they are. We had better seats at this show which gave us a new view and we can say for certain that no matter where you were sitting everyone had an amazing night. We laughed with them, Sang with them and danced our hearts out all night. Not gonna lie, we would do it all over again in a heart beat! We wouldn't be surprised if we somehow found ourselves at another show on this tour! 

If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of their shows don't pass it up. It will be worth it every time. Plus, even if for some crazy un-explainable reason you don't like their music they're definitely easy on the eyes. Like have you seen Liam and Harry? Just saying!

That's all for now. If we don't stop here we will just keep going all day!


F & J

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