Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Are Planning a Trip

Hey Loves! F & J here!
We know we haven't posted in almost forever, obviously not literally, but it has been way too long, and we miss talking to you guys! The picture of the palm trees was taken on F's trip to California earlier this month, making us both want to go back. Anywho life as usual has been crazy with work, especially since we both work as nannies, our Valentine's weekend was booked watching children. If that doesn't rub singles awareness day in our face we don't know what would. Yes, unfortunately we are both single AF. 

Moving on to more happier things, some of you may know about our coin jar. If not click the link here to catch up. Usually we like to keep what we are doing with the money a secret, but since we are starting to plan we thought we would finally share with you guys, what we are doing. This way we can keep you guys up to date, and we can share all the things we are excited about.

So drumroll please........

We are going to Orlando, Florida!!! For a whole two weeks. Which is a huge deal for us because we have never taken that much time off work, but we are so excited and know we deserve it. A trip like this doesn't happen overnight, especially for us. We have been planning for so long, to figure out logistics to make it work, and our coin jar has slowly been growing too! We aren't going until October, which may seem forever away, but we are super excited. There is lots to do before the trip, and we hope to be able to share our planning tips and tricks with you.

We have a pretty amazing itinerary of what we are planning on doing while down there, which includes lots of time at Disney World, a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, lots of beach time, and more. It should be pretty darn amazing.

Right now we are just keeping our eyes out for good flight deals, and we have done extensive research on the costs for the whole trip. Believe it or not with budgeting, our coin jar, and our mini savings plan it's not going to be too crazy of an expense. We can't wait to share more details with you guys later! 

We are unbelievably excited and we can't wait to go! Also we have room in our trip to try new things, so if any of you guys have ideas of what we should do while in Florida please share, we are constantly looking for some fun things to do, but we know even Pinterest doesn't have as awesome of ideas as some of you, and we are willing to try just about anything! Talk to you guys soon.


F & J 

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