Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life is Good

Hey Loves! F & J here!
Can you believe we are already halfway through May? A lot has happened since we last checked in with you guys, which we know has been too long. Last month F celebrated her 21st birthday! We went up to Whistler, BC and stayed in a cute hotel in the Village, for the weekend. We got to do lots of shopping and we even splurged on some high ticket items! Retail therapy at its finest. We went through all the shops in the Village which included, Lulu Lemon, Roots, Lush, North Face, Aritzia, and more! We also spent a lot of time(and money) in David's Tea. They have the most adorable tea accessories, and the most delicious tea! There are a lot of flavors to choose from. We are currently obsessing over their fruity teas! It has been hot in Seattle so we have been drinking them iced, and they taste like Summer! You should definitely check them out, they have an online store too! 

We also have been hitting up the gym a lot lately, trying to stay healthy and become the best version of us physically! It also is motivating to have our Florida trip coming up. Going to the gym more often than not has kept us in line, as far as our other daily choices. It makes us want to pick the healthier meals, or avoid junk food. But we are human and we may or may not have eaten too much birthday cake.

Last week we did our first color run. We have done other 5ks in the past but this one was quite fun and exciting! If it ever comes into your town definitely go! There were a lot of walkers too, so don't hesitate if you aren't a runner! It is more about having a good time than anything. And there is so much color! How could it not be fun and happy!

Our daily schedule has pretty much consisted of working and gymming. Not too exciting but hopefully it all starts paying off. We have been going to a lot of concerts lately too, and we are planning on posting a bunch of photos from them once we get the time to.

We hope to check in with you guys soon!


F & J

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