Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Disney World

Hey Loves! F & J here!

 In our last post we talked about our Florida trip that we had just come back from. We were very fortunate that a big part of our trip was spent at Disney World. We had seven day park hopper tickets that allowed us to visit all four worlds, and one of the water parks, unfortunately the other water park was closed for renovations.

First we to share what we did at Magic Kingdom. It screams classic Disney and is filled with all the classic rides. If you have ever been to Disneyland it is very similar. We really enjoyed riding some of our favorites like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and some of the classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion.

We also spent a lot of time browsing through the shops on Main Street to stay cool. We watched the parades, and got to end the night watching the amazing firework show. We also got really lucky and managed to snag reservations to eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, which is located in the Beast's Castle. The interior was spectacular and the atmosphere was magical.

One of the other parks we went to was Animal Kingdom. It's really cool how different the parks are, because you feel like you are in a whole different world. One of the first things we did was join the Wilderness Explorer Program. It is from the movie Up. We had to walk through the whole park and complete activities and we would get a badge. We are proud to say we collected all of them, and we are now Senior Wilderness Explorers.

They do a really good job of making you feel like you have traveled to the continent you are in. For example while in "Africa" there is always live performers and music of the culture, all the food is from the countries, and it really feels like you are walking through the streets of Africa, and the same thing for Asia as well.

There are a lot of rides at this park, but hands down our favorite was Expedition Everest. We got really lucky and there was never a line so we probably went on it at least ten times. We will not lie we never got sick of it, and really want to ride it now! It's really cool because you go backwards and come inches to a GIANT yeti. It's truly the best.

One of our other favorite things about Animal Kingdom is that they have an awesome safari tour where you can see live animals roaming free. Lions, giraffes, elephants, you name it, they probably have it. It really is a must do experience.

Hollywood Studios is probably the smallest park in Disney World but it is still filled with lots to do. We had to ride the Tower of Terror of course, since it is scheduled to be shut down, which is truly heart breaking because it has been a personal favorite for both of us for as long as we can remember. Also one of our favorites was Rockin' Roller Coaster, we managed to ride it before it closed down for renovations a few days later.

Fantasmic, the nighttime show was amazing. Like every other Disney show it was put on flawlessly, and included a live show, fireworks, water, and all the Disney Characters.

There is the Toy Story Mania ride which is a lot of fun because it is interactive. We have to come back because they are building Toy Story Land which looks so awesome.

Epcot was such a unique and amazing experience. We were so lucky to have gone while the Food and Wine Festival was going on, because it added so much! Because of the festival there were so many additional pop up shops that showcased food from certain countries, not usually found in Epcot. You get the option of four or five classic dishes from every country in small portions so you can try multiples. We were massive fans of the Belgian Waffles from Belgium, the Potato Pancakes from Scotland, and the Ice Cream from France.

Walking around all of the countries is such a cool experience. You really feel like you are somewhere else. There is a lot to experience in each country. A lot of the cast members from each country are actually from that country which is awesome. 

There are some rides in Epcot our favorite was Mission Space. It simulates what it feels like to take off and fly in a rocket ship. It's unlike anything either of us have ever felt, you feel so heavy and can't even lift your arms. It's by far one of the coolest experiences we have ever done. Of course there are other rides we loved including Soarin', and Turtle Talk which is always fun to watch. 

This post has gone on for so long that we will spare you and talk about our water park experience on our next post.Tell us your favorite park in Disney World, or ride, we would love to hear what it is.


F & J

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