Adventure List

  • go to the fabulous new york
  • stay a night (or two) at a luxury hotel
  • move somewhere beautiful
  • cross country road trip
  • adopt a puppy (or two)
  • splurge! splurge! splurge!
  • get lulu lemon workout items 
  • pick up someone's tab
  • visit a children's hospital (come bearing gifts)
  • pay off our college debt (yuck!)
  • bff retreat at family cottage
  • best friend infinity picture (get flexible first)
  • go ice skating in new york
  • take photo booth photos in every place we travel (ongoing)  √  √  √ 
  • surfing
  • travel europe
  • be happy with ourselves
  • find love
  • spend a night on the town
  • buy a nice pair of heels
  • open a bakery/café
  • host a holiday party
  • becomes regulars at a café
  • be enchanted
  • do a big pinterest craft
  • go to a concert in a different state
  • win an award
  • go back to disneyland
  • meet a celeb
  • conquer a fear
  • kiss under the mistletoe
  • new years kiss
  • see a musical on broadway
  • go to London
  • love life

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