Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jammin' in the Kitchen

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Summer in the North West is prime time for picking berries. As you may have seen, we have done our fair share already. That doesn't mean we didn't go pick even more to make some Blackberry Jam! We do love blackberries by themselves but we ate ourselves silly and had to find another way to use the berries so they wouldn't go bad, and hopefully last longer! 

J's mom makes homemade jam every year, so we knew it wouldn't be too hard to make and if anything went wrong we could ask her! Thankfully we didn't need too! 

To make Jam or Jelly you need to buy Sure Jell, so we used the recipe that comes in the box. But of course, they have it online too, you can find it here! The site has recipes for different kinds of jams too (if blackberries don't tickle your fancy)

We  bought our mason jars at Michael's (an arts and craft store). It came as a set of 12 mason jars for $15.99 and we used a 40% off coupon, that they have almost all the time and only paid around $10. You can also find it at Fred Meyer's for $10 for 12. 

We decided to make our jam seedless, so after blending the berries, we spent a long time squishing them through a strainer. We followed the directions closely (we didn't want our berries to go to waste!). Once we finished and put the jam in the jars we had to leave it sitting out for a day. Now we are storing it in our freezer's for later. Of course we had to try it first! And we are so happy to say that it was DELICIOUS! It was a lot of work but well worth it. We will be enjoying our jam for quite awhile!

Because it worked so well, we will try it on other berries later. In the grand scheme of things it didn't take too long, and the time passes pretty fast when you're dancing to music. If any of you make it yourselves let us know! 


F & J

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