Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hi Loves! F & J here!
In our last blog we talked about going to Ed Sheeran's concert last Thursday. We promised an update, but it took us awhile to recover and we wanted to make sure we found enough time to write a raw review about it and not be rushed. 

Our Ed experience started before Thursday even hit! We were planning an early morning because it was general admission, but we didn't know just how early we'd be there! Right before going to bed, which might we add was way later than we should have, F saw a tweet that changed the whole game plan. She called J to let her know people were already lining up. J thought it was a joke at first, unfortunately it was not. 

Since we paid a lot for these tickets we wanted to make sure we got the best experience we could and that meant being one of the first groups in line to assure a good spot at the show. (Plus, you all know how much we love him!) So we just decided to get there at 6:30 AM which meant a 4 AM alarm to make sure we looked our best. 

When we arrived the line wasn't too bad, thankfully, and we did the math and were in the first 1% to arrive. We got to know the people around us which made time pass faster. But let's be honest, 12+ hours of waiting never goes by fast. We did get the chance to leave line and go for a little walk, it wasn't long enough but we enjoyed it. 

We finally got lead into the arena and were asked to sit on the floor and wait. We were in the center of the second row, and the boy in front of us stood up to stretch and he happened to be a ginger, and people started rushing to the front of the stage. It was a terrifying experience having that many people run towards you at that speed and forcefully pushing their way to the front. It was something we never want to experience again. And it was all a bit painful and there was still an hour of wait time!  

Then the heat came. That many bodies that close together just leaves you feeling suffocated. This is something we expected but then the unthinkable started to happen. The man next to us decided he wanted our spot and would do anything to get it. He pushed and kicked and slammed his body against us forcing us to fall back into people who in turn pushed us back just as hard and it was a horrible domino effect. He didn't give up even when he got the spot. It was almost like his goal was to ruin our show experience. He even got into a spat with the security guard who came to check on us. 

By the time Ed got on stage we were having anxiety/panic attacks from the lack of air, space, food and drink we had (since we were in line we didn't get a chance to eat and drink water). Also, the physical pain he was putting us in. We politely asked him to stop, consistently, and then he would look us in the eyes and push us harder. It was eye opening to see how mean someone could be in order to get what they wanted. After 9 songs, we could not take it anymore even though we wanted to enjoy our show. We knew it would be a little cooler in the back so made our way out of the mosh pit. We enjoyed the rest of the show from the back, feeling much better. 

Now, everything else aside, we can't take away from the amazing-ness that Ed is. His performance was breathtakingly wonderful. His energy on stage was contagious and he was definitely born to be a performer. He did a great job connecting with the audience and left us with an unforgettable memory. His talent is definitely real, it's not something you can fake. (Don't even get us started on his use of the pedal!). We can  guarantee you we will be seeing him again. Hopefully not general admission! If you want to see the set list click here.


F & J

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