Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey Loves! F & J here! 

Usually Monday's are long and boring, and not something you look forward to, but last Monday was the BEST Monday in a really long time, and it is one for the books. Before you judge us, on what concert we went to, hear us out!
 We will confess growing up, we loved the Jonas Brothers' (but what girl didn't), but for more than just their cute faces! We really loved their music, and we could tell how far they could go, and how much better they could get, so we've stuck along for the ride. Recently they have decided to part ways, and work on themselves, and solo projects, but that doesn't mean the their career was halted. 

Nick has put together a solo album already (which is set to release in November, we can't wait!), and he had spontaneous tour, with his first stop, Seattle. Just barely two weeks before the show, F found out about the tour, she texted J asking her if she wanted tickets, and we bought them on J's lunch break, without much thought! We know how musically talented he is, and knew that if we didn't go we would regret it. The price was shockingly reasonable too! It was total no brainer! 
So Monday night arrived and we were surprised that were so many people in line waiting for the show to start! He performed at the Showbox, which is on 1st avenue next to the famous Pike Place Market. It is a very small and intimate venue, which definitely added to our experience in such a positive way! It was general admission, so we wiggled our way to the third row, but even the people in the back were so close! 

It didn't take long for him to come on stage. There was no opening act, just Nick and his extremely talented band, who pulled this tour together in less than two months, but you would have never known, if he hadn't of told us. He opened with Chains, one of his singles off the new album, and then he played a couple new songs. Which all sounded amazing! 
If you still are judging us that we saw Nick, then you must listen to his new stuff, and forget what you thought about him, because he has grown so much as musician and a person. You can definitely tell with his new stuff that he is no longer 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers, he is Nick Jonas, his own musician. And you can stop thinking of him as a little boy, with a head of curls, because what we saw on Monday was a man. 
He played quite a few new songs, as well as mixing in some old stuff (even his Nick Jonas & the Administration songs), and he threw in some covers as well. It was a pretty solid set list, the only critiques we have, was that he was not on stage as long as we would have liked, and he didn't come out for an encore!
Overall his voice is still swoon worthy, and his stage presence was on point, and he even busted a couple dance moves. If he comes through again, we would LOVE to see him, and if he comes to a city near you, grab tickets! You won't be disappointed! 


F & J

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