Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sweater Weather

Hi Loves, F & J here!
School has probably started for a lot of you and even though we are not in school, we still have had a lot of new beginnings. Even though we are two completely different people, we always tend to find ourselves facing similar situations. With the new school year we have both started second jobs.

Since we have never told you what our jobs are, we might as well tell you now. We are both kid people, we love spending time with kids and babies and think they are all adorable, which will explain why we have the jobs we do. F has been a nanny for a family of two older girls for the past year so she kept that job but started nannying a four month old baby in the morning. She thinks it's one of the best jobs that she has ever had. J is working temporarily at a local craft store until she can find another nanny job for the mornings. And works as a nanny for twin 6 year olds in the afternoons.

With these new jobs, we've just about lost any social life and free time we had because some of the jobs require early morning the others require late nights. The plus side is we are making some money and are able to pay off some of our college debt and start saving for a trip.

We haven't been to a farmers market in awhile and we want to before they end in October. Even though summer is coming to an end we aren't sad at all. We love fall! and just about everything that comes with it. The colors, the crisp air, the fall drinks, and sweaters, we can go on and on. We even like the weather! There are a lot of things to look forward to!


F & J

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