Friday, July 18, 2014

Macarons & Mischief

Hey Loves! F & J here!
What a beautiful day it has been! Today after work we got together to go visit Lady Yum, a shop we have had our eye on for a while now.

We first learned about Lady Yum back in March at a fundraiser we helped volunteer at. She catered the dessert portion of the event. Her specialty is her to-die-for macarons. By the end of the event there was only two macarons left, so we each snagged them before anyone else got the chance to (oops #sorrynotsorry). And since then we have been waiting to try them again. You could say we were in love! 
At the event we got the chance to meet the owner, Megan, and she is so sweet (just like her macarons) and funny, and she seems so loveable. Even better she donated over $2,000 worth of her heavenly desserts.
We knew she was planning on opening a shop in Downtown Kirkland, and it happens that today was opening day, so we made a special trip to finally get the macarons we have been waiting for. When you first walk in to the shop you see a glass case filled with macarons of almost every color, and diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Her shelves are lined with local brands and goods, and it all looks so cute! It is absolutely magical and charming and that was just the appearance.

Now for the hard part... deciding what flavors to choose. Everything looked and sounded so delicious, there were so many choices. And it is crazy to think by the time we got there they had sold out of five flavors already! We decided to limit ourselves to five each, which came in adorable packaging. It felt like it took forever to decide but we ended up choosing all the same except one flavor. We both got, salted caramel, hedgehog toffee, chocolate mint, and toasted coconut. J got maple bacon as her fifth, and F got oatmeal cookie!
Though we have yet to finish our packs, we got a taste of all of them! Spoiler Alert.... They are better than we remember them. Which is a crazy thought! Lady Yum knows what they are doing! Everyone must try these, and thankfully she delivers. But if you live in the Seattle area, making a trip to Downtown Kirkland, will be something you won't regret. Don't forget to check out her Facebook Page and her Website (linked to the words). 

After we had to come to terms with leaving the cutest shop ever we decided to walk along the water front where there was the Uncorked Festival, which is a wine festival, but also has booths set up from local businesses. It was kind of like a farmers market, so of course we had to make a round. Things were going great, until something smelt a little funny. This is where we met out new friends. 
Yes, the single one is a llama, and the other two are alpacas! No, we don't usually see them in Kirkland, so we had to snap a picture! They kind of freaked us out though. They just stare at you, with the biggest eyes EVER! 

Overall it was a great day, and needless to say, we will become regulars at Lady Yum, and we think you should too!


F & J

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