Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fourth

Hey Loves! F & J here,
We hope you all had as good of a Fourth of July as we did! We started off the day by being in our local Parade with Sibling House (our charity of choice). The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we were really excited to go the barbeque at J's house. There were so many people and we got our fair share of baby time! F got to hold a little baby through the whole parade! We absolutely love babies and will take any opportunity to hold them. We are self professed baby hogs!
We caught up with a lot of people we haven't seen in awhile and made some new friends which is always nice. Our friend from Germany joined us for the whole day which was a blast because she got to see how we Americans do!
After people started leaving the barbeque, it became a smaller more personal party with people we love which made it even more fun! After dinner and s'mores we drove our friends to the lake to watch the fireworks. Two of them were on crutches so it made the experience quite slow, but worth it. We had to park aways away and we attempted to give them piggy back rides! That didn't last long!!
Once we got down we had a great view and made it just in time. The firework show was fabulous and the was such a happy atmosphere. We wish it was like this all the time! Afterwords we waited for the crowd to die down, so we laid a blanket on the rocks and listened to music and had a good chat while looking at the Seattle sky line before we fought traffic to get home.
It was easily one of the best Fourth of July's we have had and we hope they only get better. We are so thankful to be living in America, the land of the free.

F & J

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