Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Places, New Faces

Hey Loves! F & J here!
We have been having such lovely weather this past week and we had to take advantage of it! On Tuesday we met up with a friend for Starbucks' (You know us Seattle girls) for a good hearted conversation about life, love, and boys (the usual!) and some shopping at the local mall! We had lunch at a fun little pizza parlor, and decided to spontaneously go spend the rest of our day at Alki Beach. Even though the beach is located in Seattle and is very popular, it is not somewhere we always go to because it is quite far from home, and is usually so packed! But because our friend lives so close to it, we HAD to go!
Parking, as you could have guessed, was a nightmare. But we had all day, and the walk to the beach is on the waters edge so we had a great view. We ended parking around 45 minutes (walking) away, but we love to stroll, so this was not so bad at all!
We decided to sit on a log on the sand to watch the sunset, and people watch. If you have never watched the sun actually disappear from the sky, it is something you have to see because it is too beautiful for words to describe! The environment seemed so care free, and the breeze in the air took us away, and it felt like we were worlds away from the crazy city life.
We decided to walk to Tully's (another coffee house), to quench our thirst, and use a clean bathroom, before heading back to our car. We then decided to sit on the steps and enjoy our drinks while watching 'fire-twirlers' work their magic. It was quite a sight, and made us feel like we were in Hawaii!
The time flew by, and before we knew it, it was almost midnight! There were so many people still out, and enjoying life at the beach we didn't want to leave.
Even though it is a bit of drive to Alki from our houses, we will definitely be seeing it again soon.
If you are ever in the Seattle area, it is definitely worth seeing, and spending at least a few hours there. There are plenty of cute dining choices too, so you could make a day of it!


F & J

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