Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Day on Whidbey

Hey there! F & J here!
We have been giving you a few sneak peaks of what happened on F's birthday last Friday. Now we finally have the time to write a proper post about it. We started the day as every birthday should, and got some delicious gourmet cupcakes from our favorite bakery. J chose to get Strawberry flavor, and F got cookie dough. We ate them before remembering to take a picture whoops! Then the mini day trip began. Like any good Seattle girls we stopped by Starbucks, to make sure we had the energy to go about the day.
We drove to Mukilteo to take the ferry over to Whidbey Island. The weather was beautiful even though the forecast called for rain, so we were so thankful. The little kid in us sent us straight to the bow of the ship so we could be outside and catch the breeze. Though the wind was chilly it is our favorite way to spend our time on the ferry.
This is our second time visiting Whidbey, and the first time we went was Summer of 2011 and you could say a lot has changed since then. Something's were the same, which was nice, because we were looking forward to going to certain places. But at the same time, it was disappointing to see a lot of the shops we liked to walk around, shut down. There was a lot of construction to update the town, but this was a bit disappointing because part of the charm of the city, was the vintage feel it gave off.
We were walk-ons, on the ferry so we took advantage of the free public transit, which is pretty convenient. We had lunch at a cute little café, which serves delicious Italian sodas, coffee, and sandwiches. The price is very reasonable as well, and we love this because the city is filled with little expensive boutiques. Speaking of expensive, we had a micro bowl of gelato. AND we mean MICRO, like you needed a microscope to see it, and it cost more than our lunch. (We wish we would have known).
Next we took a nice walk on the beach, soaking up the sun, and looking for whales (though we did not spot any... maybe next time). After this, we felt like we had enjoyed what the city had to offer, and decided to take the ferry back, before sunset.

To end the day on a good note, we went to our favorite crepe place for dinner, which left our tummies quite happy. We have been on quite the crepe craze lately, and will eat them whenever we can.
 I think we can say it was a pretty successful day, full of beautiful scenery, yummy food, pink cheeks, and tons of laughs. And a great start to another year.


F & J

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