Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The First of Many Hellos!

The first blog is always a hard thing to tackle. It sort of sets the mood for what is to come. You could say it's a lot of pressure. As new bloggers we can't make too many promises, but we hope that we can bring many laughs, unfold a lot of truths, and hopefully answer some questions that we feel are universal and can even cause frustration at times. We hope we can come across through our words, and we don't want to shy away from feelings that can come from situations, because we are both familiar with how harsh the real world can be. This blog will not always be sunshine, but in order to appreciate the true beauty of sun, we have to endure the rain and to keep this blog truly who we are. We will share the rainy days, and maybe work our problems out, but of course we will share the sunny days as well. One of the few things we can promise is to share the crazy stories. You would never believe the things that happen to us, both good and bad.
This blog is not specifically about anything. This blog is about us, and our life. F & J. This is who we are and we hope you can love us! (Check out the "Meet F & J" tab too!)
We hope that you, our readers, can relate and connect with us and our hearts. Feel free to send us your thoughts, or something you want to ask us, by commenting below, while we try and figure this blog thing out. We will keep you updated. Signing off for the first time of many to come...

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