Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventure List

Hey everybody! F & J here...
You may have noticed before that there is a tab titled 'Adventure List' so we thought we could tell you exactly what it is today. We came up with a mental list a couple of years ago, but did not write one down until about a year ago. It is a list full of everything we would like to do while we are young. It keeps growing, even when we cross things off. Some of the things on the list will take more time than others, some more expensive, and some that may never be crossed off, but we will sure try. A few items on the list are ongoing and we will try and add checks every time we do it.
There are something's on our list, that have been crossed off. It is really fun to see that we are actually doing the things we want to. Having a physical adventure list typed or written down, allows us to have a reminder that there is so much left to do and explore in this world, and that we shouldn't let any day go by without doing what we love. We understand that this is easier said then done but we like to at least try and live by these words.
Of the ones we have crossed off, we are most proud of the cross country road trip we took in Summer of 2013. This was something that knocked two things off our list because we also saw TWO concerts in a different state. We drove from Seattle all the way down to San Diego (don't be fooled this is a long drive!). We obviously made stops in between, but it felt like all we did the whole time was drive! Next time we plan on taking our time, if we choose to drive down again.
We only gave ourselves a week, which was no where near enough time to get all that we wanted done, therefore we could not enjoy the trip as much as hoped. The first day we drove straight from Seattle to Sacramento, this took over 15 hours! We did stop and give Sherman (F's car) frequent breaks, but this was just such an exhausting process. It was well worth it and an experience we will never forget. We saw the concerts in California before heading back. Next time we are planning on flying!
From now on, we plan on making a post whenever we check off something from our Adventure List. We think that this is something everyone should make, and work towards, because it is a very rewarding journey.
If you want to check out our adventure list click here and make sure to comment below and let us know what is on your adventure list!
F & J

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