Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sing-A-Long Sundays

F & J here! It's nice to be back and writing after a couple long days. Today we want to let you all know about this song we both have been OBSESSING about!
First off a shout out to Karmin for making an incredible album that stole our hearts. This last summer we were lucky enough to see this amazing duo perform not once but twice! We also got to see their sound checks, and from what we saw they were really cool people, and talented beyond belief. They just recently released their album Pulses a few weeks ago, and after listening to it on repeat, we came to the conclusion that it is wonderfully made, and is worth a listen.
The first time we heard the track Neon Love we immediately fell in love with it! The song strikes close to our hearts. It's about a love, as beautiful and strong as it may be, destined to burn out. Karmin took a poetic approach to the song, and they speak honestly in a way that connects with everyone. We added the video clip of the song to make it easier for you to take a listen.
We hope you love this song as much as we do! You should also listen to the full album, because every song is so unique and has its own feel to it.
Also check out the songs acoustic version! And to make you love the duo even more you should know that they are engaged! How cute is that!

F & J

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