Saturday, June 28, 2014

Be Kind

Hey Loves! F & J here!
It has been a pretty rough week for F. On Wednesday she got her brand new Kate Spade purse stolen, out of her car! Don't get us wrong, we know Kate Spade is really expensive, but we work really hard for everything we have and it was BIG splurge, and on sale! Inside it was a Kate Spade Wallet (which F has had for a while), and inside that there was gift cards, and money! We know it is all materialistic stuff, but its something she worked hard for, and for somebody to just take it, it does not seem fair! We are extremely honest people and have a hard time comprehending that somebody would just break into someones car and take something that wasn't theirs. We are not going to sugar coat this situation and say everything will be fine, and there are silver linings, because let us to be honest, this just sucks!

We really want to believe that karma will somehow come back around to whoever stole it, but right now it seems a little hard to believe in karma. When something like this happens, it really is hard to not want to blame yourself, thinking thoughts such as, 'I must of not deserved this purse' or things along those lines. In all honesty, you can't not think those things, and there is not a silver lining to it. This is not going to be a post on how to deal with it, or about what good could come from the situation, because we are all human and these things naturally will effect us.

Beyond the valuable items, F lost a lot of sentimental things as well. Such as pictures of family members, or little notes that mean more than money. These are things that cannot be replaced, and make the situation much harder to accept. 

Even though the situation is tough, it's something you can't be bitter about forever, and eventually you have to move on and let it go, though we believe that if this happens, people have a right to be upset. Just remember how important it is to be nice to people, because its worth more than any purse could be. Unfortunately it can happen to anybody, and we know F was not the first person (or last!) that has to go through this. We hope that this is last time we have to experience this, and we will have a lot more empathy for other people who this has or will happen to. 

The motto of this story would be: Always Be Kind.


F & J

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