Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coffee & Sunshine

Hey Loves, F & J here!

We mentioned in an earlier post that we were going to start a summer bucket list. The number one thing on the bucket list was to try the cute little ice cream shop on the waterfront. We have always walked past it, and wanted to try it, so today we did. It was sunny and beautiful out, and what better way to beat the heat then a scoop of ice cream, and that is what we did.
Being the Seattle girls we are, we love our coffee, and decided to opt for the 'Latte Magic', which consists of a scoop of your favorite flavor, in your coffee. Its like Seattle's version of a root beer float.
Needless to say it was delicious, and we are definitely going to visit again! It makes us happy that we were able to cross something off our list so soon into summer, and discover a cute little ice cream place. It is a small little shop with little seating, and it was so sunny out, that we decided to go out and sit on a bench in front of the water to enjoy our treats.
We are so excited about this coming week for two reasons! One our friend from Germany will be in town, so we will get to see her after a years time, and one of our favorite holidays, The Fourth of July! This holiday is perfect because we get to march through the parade (yes, we are in it!), and after enjoy great laughs at a barbeque, and of course end the night with a firework show! Perfection.


F & J

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