Monday, June 16, 2014

Staying Healthy

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We are all about being healthy, but we know how hard it is this time of the year. There are lots of temptations, from barbeque's, to carnivals, and all the ice cream! So we thought we'd share our tips on how we try and keep healthy during the summer months. Regardless of your reasons, keeping yourself healthy is always important and should be a priority.
Because the weather is typically really nice in the summer going for a walk is always pleasant. It doesn't matter your speed just keeping active and moving will lead you in the right direction. If you live within a mile or so of where you going, try walking. It will take more time but you are getting a mini workout and getting to soak up some vitamin D (don't forget to wear sunscreen!). If you live near a beach or park, it's always nice and relaxing to take a stroll, by yourself or with a friend.
In terms of food, we never want you to sacrifice eating what you want. Even the worst of snacks are okay to eat, but in moderation. Some things we do, because there is at least two of us, is we always split treats, so we get the taste, but not overindulge. We also pass on things, that don't take away from what we are craving, such as, if we want a burger, or hot dog, we pass on the bun, and sometimes replace it with a lettuce bun. You could also skip on cheese, if that's something you won't miss. When it comes to sweets such as ice cream or cake, we like to load them up with toppings of fruit, such as berries, so we feel more satisfied with our servings and don't go back for seconds.
We also make sure to keep hydrated with lots of water, so we don't feel hungry from our thirst. It's also really good for your skin, and replenishes nutrients lost in sweat. We also like drinking water with electrolytes in it, such as Smart Water, to make sure our bodies have what they need. There are a lot of cold drinks this time of year, like slushies, that become extremely appealing because of the heat, but they are loaded in sugar. We are not saying never have a slushie, but maybe not 5. We opt for ice teas a lot, because it is really good for you, and a lot of places that sell tea, have healthier sweetening options.We also find them when we go to farmers markets, and we don't have to go out of our way to get a hold of some. Also if you carry a water bottle with you, you will be less likely to want to pick up another drink.
If you have any questions on staying healthy feel free to ask, but remember we are not health experts by any means.  We just wanted to share our tips and what works for us. Let us know how you stay healthy, we would love to hear! If you want a good music playlist for a workout, click here.


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