Monday, June 9, 2014

Treat Yourself

Hey Loves F & J here!
It's Monday, which means the start of a new week. We came across this quote and thought what better day to talk about it. We have a clean slate at the beginning of the week, and if we keep this in mind it will make this week better. With summer starting soon, we were thinking we all could keep this quote in mind. In our lives especially it is very easy to forget to do something for ourselves and find ourselves caught up in life, and we know we could be so much more positive. It doesn't matter if it is big or small everyone needs to do something for themselves every once in a while. We all deserve it. One way we are putting this in to play, is we are making a summer to-do list, with things we have always wanted to do, within reason. For example our list has things such as: Visiting that cute ice cream shop on the waterfront, or learning how to perfectly create macarons, it could be anything big or small. We would love to hear what's on your summer to-do list so please comment below and let us know!

We hope the rest of your week is as beautiful as you are.


 F & J

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