Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Disney

Hey Loves, F & J here!

Everyone knows how magical Disney is, and that's why on this Travel Tuesday want to travel around the world and visit all the Disney Resorts. We have been to Disneyland California, and absolutely loved it, we even got to go together in high school for a choir field trip. J has even been to Disney World in Florida! But, these are not the only two Disney parks out there, and that is why we want to make it to all of them eventually.

There is so much Disney left that we haven't seen and we want to make sure we see it all, because we LOVE Disney magic! There is no denying that when you are in a Disney Park there is a sort of enchantment in the atmosphere! There are a total of 6 Disney Parks and we want to make sure we see them all!
Disneyland Resort, California
Walt Disney World Resort, Florida
Hong Kong Disney Land Resort

Disneyland Paris
Shanghai Disney Resort - To open late 2015
These are the current Disney Parks that we want to visit, even if we have already been to some! Even though the Shanghai Disney Resort is not open, we are more than excited to add it our list. The more Disney the better! There is no denying we are Disney girls, and we are not ashamed!


F & J

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