Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Summer Plans

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

The beginning of May is such a lovely time to be in Seattle. The weather starts to clear up, and we see the sun after many cold rainy months. We are looking forward to so many things right now, and we find that with the sun comes a lot of excitement. Summer gives us the feeling of freedom, even if we are working, there is still a lot of good things to look forward to.

May 1st marks the start of farmer market season. Here in Seattle throughout the summer, we have a farmers market almost everyday. The location changes but they are all within a reasonable distance, and we love it! Our favorite of all the markets we have gone to, is the Wednesday market, at the Marina in Downtown Kirkland. It is right next to the lake and it has an amazing summer vibe. The sun comes out and everyone is so happy. There is fresh fruit, flowers, local companies, pastries, food trucks, beverages, and so much more, and we wish we could visit every Wednesday. One thing we are really looking forward to is Shen Zen Tea, unfortunately they do not have a store and you can only buy it at farmers markets and festivals. But the Vanilla Mint Cola is to die for, and by far our favorite flavor!
We are not ones to spend our day watching TV, but we love ABC Family and some of the shows that they produce. We got hooked on the series 'The Fosters', and Season Two is coming back June 16th! This show covers some controversial topics, but they handle the situations in a positive way. The writers really think each situation through, and have realistically portrayed problems and solutions. This show hits close to home with us, and has even brought us to the point of tears (embarrassing). This show is worth watching, and season one is on Netflix, so you could catch up before season two starts.

We are super excited for Ed Sheeran's new album, Multiply, coming out June 23rd! It's a little over a month away but he has already released two tracks and we know that it will be the soundtrack of our summer.  We loved his first album and have been waiting for a second one for what feels like forever. He is a musical genius, and we like that he is so raw and honest, and very relatable. If you haven't heard any of his stuff, then you MUST check him out. You won't regret it!

Of course there is so many more things to look forward to, but the last on our list for today is THE FOURTH OF JULY! We know that this is a holiday only celebrated in the US, but we truly love it! Red, White, and Blue can be seen everywhere, and everybody gets involved. The parties are amazing, the parades are tons of fun, everyone is happy, the weather is always nice, and there is always something to do. We love Coachella inspired patriotism, with flags, stripes, and stars, and we love showing our pride for our country! We plan on blogging Fourth of July party ideas as the date gets closer, so be prepared! Every year J's family throws a HUGE barbeque, where tons of people come and enjoy good food, good company, and greats laughs. We always end the night by watching the fireworks, on the lake.

As you know we are obviously looking forward to summer, and we are sure you are too! Comment below and let us know what your plans are, or tweet about it using #lovefandj. We can't wait to hear from you! Also please make sure to likes us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


F & J

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