Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Travel Tuesday: France

Bonjour! F & J here!

Today for Travel Tuesday we find ourselves in France. The country as a whole is beautiful, and it has always been somewhere we have wanted to go. Paris in specific holds quite the interest for us, as it is known to be the City of Love. We are hopeless romantics so just the thought of France can send our hearts fluttering with daydreams.

Of course, because it is France we have to see the Eiffel Tower. It is known world wide and it is the most famous of France's landmarks. We want to go and see the tower at night when it is all lit up, because we are sure it is even more beautiful in person.
As you may have guessed, we love beaches and nothing can stop us from spending time at the beach even in France. Plage de Saleccia is one of the more isolated beaches in France, and it is truly breathtaking. We can't wait to stick our feet in the soft, warm, white, sand (that is not something we see often here in Seattle).
 The Love Locks on Pont Des Arts, symbolize a love that can't be broken. Couples from all over the world engrave their locks with names or initials, and lock their 'love' onto the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine River. No matter what happens to the lock, the only way to take it back is to unlock it with the key. Which is nearly impossible. The whole thought of this is so romantic and we would love to do it one day.
We are true Disney lovers and would love nothing more than to visit Disneyland Paris. We might not understand what is going on throughout the park, but we still believe that we would be able to feel the Disney magic! And roller coasters do not speak  a language.
While in Paris we want to pull a Blair and Serena (gossip girl, duh! catch up on Netflix), we want to shop, shop, shop! Of course we do not have their budget, but we can pretend we do. France has so many cute boutiques, and one of a kind of items, and we want them all! 
After shopping, we will be super hungry! But when in France, eat like the French (that's what they say right?!). Which is why on our menu we want to try true French macarons, crepes, baguettes, creme brulee, and so much more (can you say yum?!). The whole cafe and bakery scene is super cute and we want to be a part of that!
That is all we have for our this Travel Tuesday!

Au Revoir!


F & J

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