Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Beginning of Travel Tuesday

Hey loves, F & J here!

Starting today we are going to post every "Travel Tuesday" a new place we want to visit and explore. The places can be anywhere in the world, we will make sure to post lots of pictures and maybe you can see why we want to visit these places!
For our first Travel Tuesday, we will take you to The Big Apple, and for those of you who aren't aware the Big Apple is New York.
In our minds New York is a glamorous place filled with busy people, and as night owls a city that never sleeps is something that we'd love to visit.
We particularly want to visit New York during the holiday season, when the tree is up and there is magic in the air. We want to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center (the one from the movie ELF).
While in the busy city, we'd love to see a musical on Broadway. There is always been something grand about the shows they produce and more than anything we'd love to see one up close and personal. There is not a particular show we'd like to see but one day we would like to see Wicked, The Lion King, and so many more.
Of course, you can't go to New York without shopping. So we'd hit up the town and check out Victoria's Secret (it's supposed to be HUGE), Tiffany's & Co. (what girl doesn't love jewelry), and Brandy Melville ( because we don't have a store in Seattle we have to shop online. And no one likes to pay shipping!). We would go to just about any stores! If you have more you want to tell us about definitely let us know!

Central Park is on our list as well. It's scenery is beautiful. And who doesn't want to visit the same place the penguins escaped to in Madagascar!
Last on our itinerary for today, though it's most definitely not all there is to do or see in the Big Apple, is Madison Square Garden. We would love to see one of our favorite bands perform on such a prestige stage.
We hope you enjoyed this virtual trip through New York. One day we will get there and we can't wait to post about it. We can't wait to take you to our next destination.


F & J

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