Thursday, May 22, 2014

Music To Our Ears

Hello there! F & J here!

We have been eating up our phone's battery and data because we have been playing Sam Smith's acoustic songs on repeat! F found Sam's music a while back, but started listening to him on a daily basis, and J caught on pretty quickly and that is how Sam because our current musical obsession. His voice is soothing and soulful, and it all feels very fitting to our lives right now and we love it.
There isn't much to say except that he is amazing and that you all should listen to his music right now. To help you out we will post the videos of the ones on our playlist currently. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do. All the songs that we are going to post are the acoustic version, because we are acoustic kind of girls... Don't get us wrong, we listen to more than just acoustic, we just find songs so beautiful when they are stripped down.

If any of you have any song suggestions please pass them on, because we love new music and will give anything a listen!

1. Latch 2. The Lonely Hour 3. Nirvana 4. Lay Me Down


F & J

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