Friday, May 16, 2014


Hey loves, F & J here!

Thank goodness it is Friday, because this may have been the longest week ever! The weather has been nice, but we did not get any time to enjoy it. Work was especially hard this week, and people seemed to be a little off. But we survived, and we are so glad that Friday has finally come.
Unfortunately the weather is not looking so great for the weekend, but that has never stopped us before. For us a weekend is usually pretty laid back, and we can't complain about that. We don't have any plans yet but we always come up with things to do. Maybe the forecast is wrong and we can get out and enjoy the sun and visit local beaches or even better visit the farmers markets. Maybe you could let us know what we could do or about your weekend plans? Now we just have to make it through today! We wish you luck getting through today too.


F & J

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